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Dreams Come True
from RM100.00

Cake:Dreams Come True
Flavour:Rainbow butter cake
Frosting Colours:Available in pastel blue, pink, yellow, green, lilac, and orange
Price:SizeCream Cheese FrostingSugar Paste
0.8kg RectangleRM 100.00RM 190.00
1.0kg SquareRM 120.00RM 250.00
1.5kg Tall RoundRM 160.00RM 320.00
2.1kg RoundRM 180.00RM 480.00
2.3kg SquareRM 280.00RM 500.00
2.8kg RectangleRM 340.00RM 600.00
3.5kg SquareRM 420.00RM 750.00
4.0kg RectangleRM 480.00RM 900.00
Pinwheels CookiesRM 9.00 for 7 in a pack (min. order req)
Square CakeRM 12.00 / each
Order Lead Time:5 days

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